Posted by: Daisy | January 27, 2011

Between my ears

Ahh, moment of truth. I know what blogging is about and means to me. I really don’t give a shit about the content and I’m sure that’s quite clear. I could rant and rave, yammer about nothing every single post and still get enjoyment out of doing a half-assed job. What it’s really about is space and time in my head. Or, said another way, it’s about peace in my brain.

I could take a download of the dates when I posted over the past few years, and tell you definitively that 99% of those days were days when I had some semblance of zen-like peace between my ears. What’s disturbing is the flipside is also true. Taking those posted dates, and charting any continuous 7 days without a post likely indicated a timeframe when peace was not where I’d prefer it. It’s also obvious that the trending has been extremely poor. I remember in the early months, just how much stinkin’ fun it was to read, write, and not-rithmetic. Oh sonny, back in the heyday when bread cost a nickel, and I had to walk to school uphill both ways in snow over my head. Yup, those were the good ol’ days.

How did life pass me by so quickly? How did I allow all the flaming bags of poo take over my life? It’s time to fling it back from wherever it came.

To quote the song, “You better change it back or we’ll both be sorry”.. and yes, I do want you and I need you too.

– Daisy



  1. You know writing is very therapeutic, if people don’t like what you write they don’t have to read it, after all all you are putting down are your thoughts and feelings…

    and some of us find them fun.


    Of course.. I also very much enjoy making up phrases like flaming bags of poo.. it sure has a certain feel to it doesn’t it? – Daisy

  2. Aww thanks for saying…Oh you meant the blog. 🙂

    Rest is not just for the body but the mind as well. It is very clear to me that you are a person that needs to create. Whether that be writing, taking photographs, music etc is not important. It is the act of creating that provides you sustenance. It is also clear that you thrive on the hectic. A busy life is a full life right? The tricky part is balancing the two and you cannot do it without help.

    I would suggest you lean on your partner a little and get them to deflect some of the FBP’s whilst you gain that necessary head space, that brain peace that is required to release the contents of your creative mind. Just remember to return the favour though. It is a partnership after all.

    Awwww. You sure get it.. don’t you? 🙂 Whoa hey.. I got a new acronym! FBP’s! – Daisy

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