Posted by: Daisy | February 15, 2011

its unrecognizable

I just finished teaching a class, dropped by the grocery store, pumped gas into the car, and lo and behold, I ran the white thing through this strange thing called a car wash. My poor car hasn’t seen the likes of a car wash in months. To say I haven’t treated her well would be an understatement. She’s driven through snow, slush, rain and freezing rain. She’s had salt and grit and all things unkind to cars. Her hatchback backside has seen multiple fingerprints showing her true colour is white, not mud and grit. She now looks so shiny new I actually ran my hands down her sides (even though its freezing cold outside) to remember how beautiful she not only looks but also feels.

I think I’ve fallen in love with my car all over again. Dang. I should wash her more often and show her more love.

– Daisy
Ps – this is my first post ever written and posted from blackberry. Let’s see how this goes 🙂


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