Posted by: Daisy | March 3, 2011

Apparently it was important

I said Valentine’s was a day full of crap, but apparently, my son has completely bought into all the advertising. I should make a mental note about advertising and marketing one day, and how that all works. However, I’m not sure he’ll be quite ready for that conversation – he is afterall just 7.

He tells me how important the day is by reminding me I didn’t do anything for him or Hubby for Valentine’s. He reminded me multiple times. He suckered me into believing that I had to ensure I buy his love by showing him on that love of holidays that yes, Mommy does love you. Damn those marketers.

So, off to find a Valentine’s gift a few weeks after Valentine… sigh. What’s a mom to do in this day and age? (Turn off the TV, computer, home-school him, and shove him into a bubble to live the rest of his life. That, or I could sit him down and explain Advertising and Marketing… yup, that bubble’s looking good right about now.

I ended up getting him a great little find, and it seems Hubby’s happy with his gift too. Lastly, I love the chocolates I got the family… funny how it happens to be one of my favourites to boot. Happy stinkin Valentine’s retailers… I’ve spent money… are you happy now?

– Daisy



  1. Daisy, you let the side down


    Oh you don’t meant that… – Daisy

  2. He will learn about the realities of marketing when he’s a teenager and starts dating!!

    HUH?!! – Daisy

  3. He seems like a smart young man to me. My immediate thought would be to show him how it is important to express love for those you care about all year round and not wait for a particular day.

    Well, that’s what I thought.. but apparently, he didn’t seem to agree – Daisy

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