Posted by: Daisy | March 3, 2011

Daisy’s Palm Reading

Haha… LOM always finds these funny things to do… so I do them.. take a read at my Palm Reading. And for the record, I’m extremely stubborn, and I had a crappy childhood. 🙂

Oh, you wanna do it too? Go read LOM’s and find the link over there….

– Daisy


Palm Reading for Daisy:

This palm reading is for your right hand, your major hand. Your left hand tells the potential you were born with, and your right hand tells what you have done with it. This reading will tell you about your actual self and what you have done with your potential.

You have an Earth hand. This is known as the practical hand. This indicates your orderly nature. You are a determined and persevering person, although not necessarily stubborn. You are reliable, trustworthy and decent. You seek security and order, in your relationships and your endeavors.

You have a fairly adaptable personality. You could thrive in a number of different life paths. You daydream of adventure and novelty, although you may not make the effort to make it happen. It is quite possible and likely that you had or will have difficulty choosing a specific direction in life.

You relish luxury, enjoying the finer things life has to offer. You are highly sensual and social. You must be careful as you may be prone to addiction and overindulgence.

You are in relatively good health and generally live your life joyfully and in high spirits.

You are a free-spirit, driven by your independent thinking. The world is your oyster. Everything is there for you for the taking and you reach out and grab it.

You are a straight forward person. You prefer life to be uncomplicated and focused. You don’t stress out too much or worry about little things.

You are strong willed without necessarily being stubborn. You are a well adjusted individual, balanced in your thinking between logic and emotion.

You have a flexible nature. You are pleasantly capable of compromise. However, you need to be careful that you don’t allow people to take advantage of your willingness to bend over backward to please others.

You are a well rounded and sound thinker, possessing a healthy symmetry between emotion and reason, typically thinking before making a decision.

You are sometimes driven to act through emotional impulse. You may also be inclined to occasional carelessness. Be careful of this in your daily life.

Your ego is driven by your thoughtful and pensive nature. You tend to act more out of logic and reason than emotion in your dealings.

You have experienced major changes in your lifestyle, health or well being. These could be a change of business, relocation, a new business or career, or a marriage.

You have a short Life Line. Contrary to popular belief, this does not necessarily mean you will have a short life. You may however have a tendency towards a monotonous or drab life. Your comfort zone is narrow.

You have a fairly reserved nature and a general lack of self-reliance. Most likely, there was a strong family influence in your childhood. You may have to deal with a fear of commitment.

You actively seek travel, adventure and new experiences. You have a decision to make. You may be pondering a relocation, a new career or a new relationship.

The lines across your Life Line are your lines of influence. They show the people and the experiences that have influenced your life. These include good and bad experiences.

Your mental energy is broken. You have to deal with mental stress and difficulty with concentration at times. The breaks in your Head Line indicate periods of dramatic change in your mental energy or outlook. These could be positive or negative changes, but you have certainly had some changes to deal with.

You are a positive thinker. You need to actively develop your imagination. At times you may not be so perceptive of your surroundings. Be careful not to preemptively judge a book by its cover. You can be very detail oriented, but you manage to keep sight of the end goal at all times.

You are imaginative. You excel in artistic and creative endeavors. You are a dreamer and a visionary. You have a strong imagination. At the extreme, you may have issues with escaping from or withdrawing from reality.

Your mental development had a healthy start in childhood. You most likely had a strong family attachment and influence in your early years.

The lines on your Head Lines indicate outside influence. They can be caused by mental blocks, stress or worry. You may have difficulty with concentration.

Breaks in your Heart Line often times actually correspond to broken hearts. They can also be indicative of relationship problems, letdowns, or emotional changes.

You are highly emotional and responsive to others, a humanitarian with idealistic and romantic views of the world. You are capable of being highly erotic and are a very giving lover.

Women with an upward curving Heart Line have a tendency toward high femininity, while men with this quality tend toward high masculinity, even machismo.

You most likely had problems with emotional development at a young age. You may be emotionally self-centered and have a tendency to put up emotional walls around yourself.

You are easily influenced by others on an emotional level. You wear your heart on your sleeve. You fall in love easily and most likely have had your heart broken many times.



  1. Oh I do love this rubbish, hahaha

    Yeah, me too – Daisy

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