Posted by: Daisy | April 18, 2011

my mid-life car

We went off to test drive the adorable lil 2 door Fiat 500. This car is just simply stylish, adorable, cute, and looks like the kind of car that “suits” me. This car is tiny, won’t fit any adult-sized adults in the backseat, and looks straight out of some retro magazine. Ahh, but it’s not meant to be. When we tried it, it just didn’t say anything to me at all except, “I’m adorable”.

I need a car with more than just great style.

You know the scene from Transformers where cars pick their drivers (or vice versa)? I truly believe this. And if you don’t think your car has a soul, you’re… oh just go away, and stop reading – you’re way too practical and serious for me. I’m serious. Stop reading. Go away. You don’t belong here. I digress.

We went to the nearby Hyundai dealership, and looked at practical cars. Remember, I’m not in the market for a practical car. I’m having a mid-life crisis and I need something decidedly non-mommy-like. Something red, two-door, and fast. We need a replacement for my fun-to-drive Mazda 3 Sport – the thing with performance “stuff” and goes zoom zoom. While at Hyundai, we checked out the goods, and after being in that tiny two door Fiat 500, I was stunned at the room in the backseat and trunk space of the Hyundai Elantra Touring (it’s a Wagon – a decidedly practical car). Humour me, let’s take one of these for a test drive. Out comes the driver’s license, and a sporty red manual vehicle drives up. We grab the kids’ car seat, throw it in the back, strap the boy in, and take the practical family wagon for a spin.

Well, well, well. Who’d have thunk? This vehicle was simply fun-fun-fun up the hill, down the hill, curving here and there. Wow. And it’ll do all this with groceries and junk in the back? And adults fit with tons of room? Super-Duper-Fun-on-wheels-and-it’ll-get-people-and-10-years’-supply-of-toilet-paper-home-too.

So, practical me comes back, starts talking to people about Hyundai’s, googles what other people say, what consumers’ reports, says, and the like. Darn it. They even say it drives like a Mazda 3. And it costs thousands less. Sorry, what did I say I needed? Red, two-door, and fast? Who was I kidding. Gimmie, the Red and Fast (aka Fun) in a practical package, and I’ve fallen in love with my next car.

The decision has not been made yet, but I’d imagine in a few short months, the practical mommy-mobile will be the people/cargo carrier of this household.

You didn’t really think I’d get a sports car, did you? How would I get the mid-life big screen TV home?

– Daisy



  1. I understand you Daisy, I always buy by feel. Hubby thinks it’s very strange the way I pick things, or did he say I was strange…

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