Posted by: Daisy | May 2, 2011

Blogging on the go?

I started a new job recently – in fact, it’s been less than a week. Instead of driving, I’m now doing a major long commute. It means that I now have more “down” time when I can read, writing, or even sleep. If I so choose, I can even post from my blackberry… I just have to write something. So… Daisy… write. Whatcha waiting for? Ummmmm. It seems there’s always a delay between when I “relax” to when I can actually be inspired to send my fingers flying. In the past few years (hush), I have not had nearly enough “relaxation” time and it’s shown in multiple ways. I’m quite “tired” of knowing that, and experiencing that. I’m trying to change all of that. I’ve been trying to change it for years. Honestly. I’m hopeful. Very hopeful.


I need inspiration. Let me look.


Aww, LOM, thanks! You asked if I’d go to Mars if I knew I wouldn’t come back. I can’t leave my loved ones.. however, if I could bring my loved ones with me to Mars, and we all decided that this is where we wanted to go for an adventure next, then absolutely, let’s go. Imagine the “out of this world” experience! I would think it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, would it not? 🙂 I’m grinning just thinking about how cool it would be, and the life I would build there. I’m sure I’d have a mission, and goals to accomplish, and if I didn’t, I’m sure I would come up with some. I would happily create a life there, as long as I’m not alone in my adventure.


It doesn’t matter where it is, does it? Whether it’s Mars, in a new house, a neighbourhood, new job, new city etc.. as long as you’ve got your support network, life is good and a grand adventure. I wonder what I need to pack for Mars…

– Daisy



  1. Sorry it’s a oneway trip for one.

    Good luck with your new job

    Thanks LOM. Too bad about the trip for one – I’ll have to pass – Daisy

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