Posted by: Daisy | May 13, 2011

Crowd control

My continuing commute still amazes me. Like a river, the crowds flow from one area to the next and as the newbie in the crowd, I can’t help but people watch. Whether individuals or crowds, I watch what the crowds do which no one in any other situation would. I understand why and it brings back memories from my psychology degree days when we learned about behaviour in various situations – it is interesting to say the least.

I thought that lil ol lady was gonna fall onto the tracks… And damn it, stop pushing and shoving, and jesus, can you keep off me? And whoa, don’t get run over – that’s the road and there was a car! No wonder I hate driving down here. Pedestrians are mad. Crazy mad. Being squeezed into that pedestrian river, they become rude, obsessed with speed and… Well, some get a lil road rage if in a slow-moving crowded situation.

Watch out. One of these robots just might jump out and beat you up. Worse, one of those heavy doors might slam into your hip and bruise you silly (like it just did to me).

This crowd would be a prime example of a crowd who would walk by someone who’s collapsed and needs help assuming someone else will help. That’s the scary part. What the heck do I know? I’m new to this. But my inside voice says that the crowd are too focused on catching their train/going home. I do know this, don’t I?

They aren’t bad individually. But collectively, this crowd needs… To smile and not be so damn focused on their train schedule.

– Daisy

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