Posted by: Daisy | May 15, 2011

jono visits Canada

jono’s made the leap across the ocean to visit Toronto, Canada and I must say I’m pleased I’ve already got him addicted to Tim Horton’s coffee. Not only must he have Tim’s coffee, he’s into the breakfast sandwiches too. It’s my way of ensuring a continued injection of his money into our country. Spend more jono. Keep spending. Help us improve our economy! 🙂

We’ve spent some time getting to know jono, and I must admit, he’s more geeky than.. well, he’s actually the same sort of geeky as our friends. Geek seems to cut across all countries I guess no matter what language. Oh wait. He does speak English. I just can’t seem to understand him half the time.

We ventured to Niagara Falls yesterday, and he was kind enough to offer up some new pics for my blog header so please do help me in thanking jono for a lovely pic to spruce up this space.

– Daisy



  1. Thank you Daisy. So good to finally fit the person to the blog. I communicate regularly with people from all over the world but that sadly only exist in cyberspace for me and although I consider them all good friends, it was clear to me long ago that you were just too good a friend to not one day get to meet. You welcomed me in to your home and I got meet your wonderful family and friends. It has been a real treat for me and I hope one day to return the favour.

    Now I’m just popping out for a Tim’s. Can I get you anything? A large with two creams perghaps? 🙂

    Yes, very cool indeed. No worries, we’ll find our way to England and you we can compete with our cameras for cool shots. 🙂 And don’t be laughing at my Tim’s addiction. It’s yours too now! haha – Daisy

  2. I am so glad you got to meet one of your readers. How fun is that!

    Very cool. 🙂 Daisy

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