Posted by: Daisy | June 18, 2011

Orchid People

Orchids are picky. They must live in a certain environment with the right temperature, moisture levels, soil, sun, etc. Picky picky. You try to grow an orchid in an environment that’s not quite right, and it’s a struggle.

What about those common weeds? They’ll grow in pavement cracks, on little to no soil; they’ll grow where there’s no moisture; They’ll grow in the most unlikely places where nothing else will grow. It’s amazing. They are everywhere. They grow like weeds. They are weeds – that’s their speciality. Common, easy growing and 0 maintenance. Have you ever said, wow, look at that stunning weed?

Some people can do just fine anywhere. They aren’t that picky in their environment – they survive, they do their thing, but there’s nothing too special about them, right? They survive life built for the commons. They are able to get through school, public transit, taxes, and all things for the masses. They suit themselves to fit what the masses work best in.

Then, there are the ones who need special accomodations. The ones who don’t seem to fit the mold. The odd one out. They don’t seem to know/follow the masses. They seem to zig when others zag. Don’t they know the rules of the world? Why can’t they follow them? Understand the environment they need, and help give that to them, and I have found BIG successes. They deliver complex beauty in return. Orchid people. I’m so proud of my Orchid.

– Daisy



  1. From the first day I started reading your blog I have loved the angle that you approach a subject. Your take on things that you write about really appeals to me. Please keep it up!

  2. Now that has got me thinking, I know a couple of Orchids.

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