Posted by: Daisy | August 19, 2011

What I’ve discovered

I think I know me pretty well but once in a while I surprise me a tiny bit. I always knew I liked “construction” but it just dawned on me yesterday I actually really like construction images. Yes, I love the natural stuff like trees and water and greenery but I also love the man-made stuff that represents either structure or the machinery that helps build it.

The look, the smells and sounds of construction… I really like this stuff. No, I don’t mean tar. Yes, I mean the smell of freshly cut wood. If I have to wake up at ungodly hours in the am, the only good reason would be to capture construction at sunrise or sunset. Instead, I’ll sit on this train, close my eyes, and dream of what winning millions could do to my construction imagery.

– Daisy
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  1. If we win the millions you can smell the freshly cut oak mahogany or pine from the garage. With the bonus of listening to the peacfull sounds of me swearing left right and centre as I botch another building project.

    Whoo hoo – sounds like a great plan! šŸ™‚ – Daisy

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