Posted by: Daisy | September 6, 2011

Why blog publicly when you can keep a journal?

I’ve always said that I write for myself, and if there are others who enjoy it, then it’s simply a bonus. So, if it’s all about me, why do I bother even sharing any of it? Very interesting indeed. Let’s try using an example – I wrote a poem called unbroken and posted here in 2010. Here’s an excerpt from my own P.S. that shows how the poem was born.

“One person sent me something via email that inspired me to start writing it. Another conversation at a later date inspired more. Another communication from another person recently inspired the completion of it.

I cherish those wonderful communications that inspire and help me write whatever it is I write. A very special thank you, to you. You make me want to keep writing.”

In essence, I have been inspired through wonderful visitors here who have either commented, or emailed me thoughts or ideas that have then in turn allowed me to take yet another tangent and follow through that rabbit hole. If I kept it in a private journal, I’d never get the inspiration or the communication that allows me to continue. What allows me to write, is the interaction, adds, and builds that only others can bring. I blog, so you can inspire me to keep blogging more. Ultimately, I’m writing for me, but I need you to help me continue to do it.

I also blog because sometimes, I feel the need to tell myself things in a round about way. It’s like I’m saying stuff to someone else, but I need myself to hear/read those things in black and white to really process it. I can’t talk to myself in a mirror because I’d feel like an idiot, so instead, I’ll pretend like I’m saying it to someone else and maybe, just maybe it’ll sink into my sometimes thick skull. What’s amazing is that as I climb into my own brain and try to process information, I am well reminded that many of us are the same/similar and if it may be true for me, there’s a distinct possibility it could be true for others as well. It’s important for us all to know we are not alone and I’m not just talking about aliens.

Thanks for continuing to add your bits via comments and email – please keep it up.

– Daisy



  1. And of course the reason we keep commenting is to encourage you to keep writing. πŸ™‚

  2. I feel the same way Daisy and sometimes input from someone who doesn’t really know you can be the best.

  3. the fog has cleared
    her face is clear
    bright and sunny
    her beauty melts my heart
    a gentle touch
    hand on my back
    how long will it last
    outwards shivers of electricity go
    across my skin
    to my heart deep within

    How could I have missed this time with her
    so close and safe
    and secure within
    the love I feel
    can only grow
    and fill our house
    and clear the fog
    that was within

    Love Bunny

    Awwww. Thanks bunny. I love you. πŸ™‚

  4. Wait – you are both poets?!? That’s sooo nice. Looking forward to the partner blog! πŸ™‚

    Haha. Yeah, Mr and Mrs. Poet (not). πŸ™‚ – Daisy

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