Posted by: Daisy | November 4, 2011

Dumbass doozy of the day – DDoD

I live through so many doozy’s on a regular basis, I thought it might be amusing to document a few for my sanity and your amusement. To protect the names of the doozy’s, I will refer to them only by a made-up name.

Today’s doozy actually started about a month ago. I got an emergency email from Donkey girl who tells me we may have a warranty problem with a new job. Donkey girl and her team decide to let me know my vendor Abraham is an arse and never helps us and takes a long time. They indicate that Abraham’s product might be at issue. I take this seriously and give Abraham a call. Funny thing – he calls me right back even though Donkey girl says he never calls back. Abraham then goes on to tell me he will personally drive by the home and take a quick look at the product from the street. Awesome Abraham gives me a status report the very next day and says that yes, it may be a manufacturing error. He says to put it through the warranty process and it’ll get taken care of.

I forward this email to Donkey girl and team and let them know to put it through. I reiterate that if they have any issues through the process on getting an answer that they should let me know. I even tell them specifically I am going to step away from this since its no longer a firefighting issue for me. I can put down the fire-hose as its just regular day-to-day business, you know, the stuff they get paid to handle.

Fast forward a month, and Donkey girl sends me (cc-ing Donkey team) an emergency email about the same customer. It sounds like she’s blaming me and my vendor Abraham for poor and slow service once again. She says customer is irate and has not heard anything yet. I asked if anyone from Donkey team put it through the warranty process like I said a month ago and I hear crickets. Really big crickets.

8 hours later, I get an email saying they put it through warranty process today. They complain once again that the warranty process is slow and thought that it might be faster if they send it to me. Hmmm.

Just now, I get another email from Donkey team saying the customer called again. I’d suggest Donkey Girl call them back and tell them she’s a dumbass and didn’t follow the process thinking a miracle would happen. Sorry, what exactly does Donkey Team want me to say? You win Dumbass Doozy of the Day! Yay! πŸ™‚

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  1. Did the AK47 arrive yet? πŸ™‚

    Well if it helps, I laughed, but mostly out of sympathy.

  2. Doozies always do that.
    I had this doozy colleague once who did the same thing with me, which lead my boss screaming at MY incompetency. to think it was that dumbass doozy who wouldn’t check his mails regularly and missed the deadline.

  3. @jono – I don’t think your gift will cross customs easily. And if you expect me to follow the manual for how to put it together… Hahahahaha πŸ™‚

    @wheredreamscollide – thanks for visit and comment. I’ve got tons of doozy’s – and the volume of them is simply mind-boggling.

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