Posted by: Daisy | January 6, 2012

Aging like a dinosaur

I am probably one of the biggest age whiners around. To say that I have a problem with aging would be a minor understatement. At mid twenties, I thought a quarter century must be somewhat aged. Then thirty was a year long fiasco. And probably another year long fiasco for forty. I don’t care to think about the next plateau for the time being. My issues are my issues and they will only continue but with greater strength as I use the ol memory banks to recall all about the ways things used to be. However I am well aware that being stuck in what has been is likely the fastest way to grow old and become extinct like the dinosaurs. Instead I try my best to understand the world as is and accept that just about every single thing has changed.. everything except human nature of course.

I watch some of my peers who seem to struggle immensely with the fact that products and services are no longer like when we were younger… the fact that things aren’t made the same way anymore. No guff. The world is different and the faster we recognize that, the easier it is to change and/or adapt our behaviour to suit the new place we live in. Why rail against the masses unless you have intentions to bring it back and/or rally government to bring it back. If it is only to complain, then you may as well age yourself another few decades and be ready for extinction sooner rather than later.

I used to think my peers were those in my generation with similar experiences. I only realize now that my peers are no longer just my age – they grow and expand to include those generations that I never really understood before but am finding more and more of that common ground.

This must be aging.

I only wish I could do it with more grace.

– Daisy



  1. Happy New Year,

    I have just read this and thought OMG I am a dinosaurs! I will have to change that.

    We all are LOM. 🙂 – Daisy

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