Posted by: Daisy | January 9, 2012

forks and spoons

there’s a fork in the road
a literal fork and spoon
and you used to see the humour in that
though that laughter seems lost now

its another person’s life you’re living
and i’m so afraid you’ll find
at the end you will be successful
in achieving their daily misery

the path has so many choices
filled with much laughter
and tons of errors to make
why make theirs, when you can make your own?

somewhere along the way
you lost sight that this was the very thing
you desperately wanted to avoid
and i watch with dismay at your life dismissed

one day i hope you will notice
the forks and spoons are still everywhere
and i’m here if you wish
to begin to live your own life

– Daisy



  1. I know it’s late and I should be in bed next to you keeping you warm on this cold night. Instead I’ve been sitting in the living room, staring out the front window at the snow falling outside and thinking about the life I have and trying to express a comment for Forks and Spoons. I realize no matter what the outside world brings in I am so blessed to have you, and or son, a part of my life. He amazes me daily with his own personality, his questions and observations but also I see mini version of you, and it always brings a smile to my face. When he reaches his mid 20’s and has a life of his own, he will start to realize how amazing his mom is and the gifts you have given to him, in his personality, his dreams, his creativity, his drive, and his ability to express them.

    Love always,

    Bunny 🙂

    I’m going to be now and snuggle up to you and keep you warm

    Thanks Bunny – I love how your comment looks like I commented but am using my multiple personality to comment with. 🙂 I’m excited about the boy too.. not sure he’s gonna appreciate realizing he gets so many good (and not so good) from his good ol’ mom) – Daisy

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