About Me, Professionally

Solving Business Solutions

Solutions-oriented marketing professional with over 10 years experience, I am extremely effective at planning, developing, and managing a portfolio of products and services.  My speciality is in reviewing businesses or categories from top to bottom, and finding creative solutions that take them from the brink to possibilities others never considered possible.

Choice Highlighted Results

  • From -119% to +31% in operating profit
  • Decreased Cost to Acquire by 66%
  • Expansion to new markets 3,000 km away, from concept to in-market in less than 3 months
  • Increased average contract values +77%
  • Improved closing ratios from 18% to 22%
  • Increased units and revenue by 371% over first 3 years of new go-to-market model

Highlighted Skills

  • Energized, motivated and creative problem solver
  • Effective planning, and design skills
  • Solutions-oriented and consultative
  • Unique blend of longer term strategist balanced with detail-oriented capabilities
  • Keen ability to understand both abstract and concrete concepts

Do you know an organization that sounds like this?

  • Small-Mid sized company
  • Struggling to grow business but not sure how
  • Stuck in a rut of how it has always been done
  • Needs new set of eyes to see industry/category differently
  • Needs someone who can simply figure it out and get it done

With a keen ability to cut through the clutter, I can determine and prioritize the biggest issues as well as develop solutions and action plans that have seen businesses soar to new heights.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out Testimonials to see what others have said about me.

And when you’re ready to learn more, simply email me at daisystarts at gmail dot com for more information and we can start a conversation that just might change your business.

– Daisy

P.S. Marketing on the ground level?  Click here to read a great marketing mystery about an interesting business.


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