“Daisy had a breakthrough year. She embraced the challenges of the category, throwing herself completely into learning the business and executing the plan. She is both organized and persistent and has been instrumental in turning around a money-losing, under-performing business. She is focused, committed and a pleasure to work with.”

“As I have always said about Daisy, she could always see the forest through the trees.”

“Her marketing and business planning expertise have helped to focus my original idea and create a clearer value based message for my audience.”

“Daisy has proven herself to be extremely well organized, analytical and dedicated to the business goals. She is open to ideas, works well in a team environment, prioritizes well and is able to focus on the task at hand while being open to other opinions.”

“Daisy is a focused goal oriented manager that has spear headed the growth of the category. The difference that Daisy has made to the category is no less than amazing.”

“Daisy is very passionate about her work and you can feel it every time she talks about the business. Daisy has helped me a lot with her innovative ideas for marketing and sales strategies. Daisy understands the P&L well and makes sound decisions. On top of her professional strengths, Daisy is a good person that you enjoy working with.”

“Daisy has attained a result that is well above her peer group average indicating effectiveness with planning and prioritization. She is also very self-aware and energized by challenging and difficult situations more so than her peer group.”

“Daisy is well liked and respected by her colleagues. She is an intelligent person with a critical eye and sound financial analysis skills. I respect her frankness.”

“Daisy is a great team member that gets the job done. In addition, I always appreciated Daisy’s strategic perspective and ideas on the issues we needed to solve to move the project forward.”

“Daisy has delivered above and beyond expectations during her assignment on the very demanding category. This was the result of a quick development of understanding the category and systems combined with a focus on creating quality for her customers. Her level of performance significantly exceeded her tenure.”

“Daisy has brought a fresh perspective challenging current norms. She has a bright, inquiring mind and positive attitude”

“Daisy, your overall performance continues to be very strong. You have been a major contributor, you work very well with your peers and colleagues in both team player and lead roles. You continue to demonstrate strong organizational and problem solving skills as demonstrated by the work done on Project X. These projects highlighted good communication and leadership skills enabling successful deployment.”

“Her professionalism, collaboration and quickness in responding to my numerous demands are unbelievable. I really appreciate working with her.”

“Overall, Daisy’s performance has been very strong. She has been key in simplifying processes resulting in significant time and cost savings.”

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Email me at daisystarts at gmail dot com for more information or if you’ve got something to add.


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