Posted by: Daisy | November 28, 2011

I’ve been creating

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My creative side was discouraged when I was young, and in some ways, I must be making up for lost time. Experimenting with colours, texture, and the overall “feeling”, I’m happy to realize that where there’s a will, there is a way, even if it takes a few decades to be realized.

Here are my first few tries playing with my photographs and photoshop.

– Daisy

Posted by: Daisy | November 28, 2011

Orchid Child exists in research papers

I was sent a link that I have to admit I found quite interesting and disturbing at the same time.

With all the times in the past I have written about orchids, who would have thought that someone else would also have written about it? Scientific American in fact, and now I wonder if I came to my own conclusions, or if I read something, and plagiarized the concept without realizing it. Or perhaps I have a 6th sense, and saw it in my crystal ball? I honestly don’t know the truth of how this came about, but it seems there are minds who have actually done the work and come up with concepts regarding the orchid child that takes what I thought and provides data too.

Not only does orchid child exist, and prosper in that ideal environment, orchid child can also wither in that not-so-ideal environment. Plus, rather than alfafa sprouts or weeds they have termed others, the dandelions. I have to admit, dandelions are a pretty good description. 🙂 I have lots of thoughts rumbling through my head as a result of this article and I have as of yet, been unable to put in writing, much of those thoughts. So, rather than wait until my head clears, I thought I’d simply share the link, and perhaps add my take at a later date. Thanks to jono for the link.

– Daisy

Posted by: Daisy | November 16, 2011

well this is new…

Posted by: Daisy | November 12, 2011

where its at

Facebook friends are nuts. They are always “doing” stuff, non-stop. Sometimes, I can’t tell if what they do is “normal” because at times, I just think they must be living on another planet. How could they possibly find the energy to drink and party that often? Do they really enjoy doing that? Or is it facebook theatre?

Perhaps I’m the odd one out instead, since I’m clearly spending my hours on other ‘stuff’. Perhaps they are the “normal” ones as they enjoy others company, and I’m the one from Mars enjoying my world with a choice few.

I have been taking oodles and oodles of pictures. I’ve discovered and rediscovered a love of mine that I have never fully been able to develop better until recently. I’m playing at all hours, and even better, my lil kiddo is enjoying hanging out with me as we go on adventures with the camera to discover and capture images in nearby locations. We’ve done “ghost” pics and night pics and are only scratching the surface. My idea of a cool time is looking for a cool location to visit that’s near enough for a day trip, and cheap enough ($0 is best) to leave from should it be less than stellar.

I’d much rather spend memories with my kiddo walking than going to yet another place eating/drinking/partying. No wait. I like the eating part. How about “I’d much rather spend memories with my kiddo walking and eating, but not at the same time.”

– Daisy

Posted by: Daisy | November 8, 2011

Dumbass Doozy of the Day – Nov 8

So we are madly trying to reduce cycle times and we are looking underneath all kinds of rocks for good potential. Sometimes, the dooziest gets uncovered this way.

Apparently, there is a yellow form that doesn’t fax well – whether due to colour or texture of form, I’m not sure. Rather than using their collective heads and IQ’s that must together be over 100, the jobs were delayed a few more days waiting for the white original. I simply said, “can you photocopy the yellow sheet and then fax it in?”

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Posted by: Daisy | November 4, 2011

Dumbass doozy of the day – DDoD

I live through so many doozy’s on a regular basis, I thought it might be amusing to document a few for my sanity and your amusement. To protect the names of the doozy’s, I will refer to them only by a made-up name.

Today’s doozy actually started about a month ago. I got an emergency email from Donkey girl who tells me we may have a warranty problem with a new job. Donkey girl and her team decide to let me know my vendor Abraham is an arse and never helps us and takes a long time. They indicate that Abraham’s product might be at issue. I take this seriously and give Abraham a call. Funny thing – he calls me right back even though Donkey girl says he never calls back. Abraham then goes on to tell me he will personally drive by the home and take a quick look at the product from the street. Awesome Abraham gives me a status report the very next day and says that yes, it may be a manufacturing error. He says to put it through the warranty process and it’ll get taken care of.

I forward this email to Donkey girl and team and let them know to put it through. I reiterate that if they have any issues through the process on getting an answer that they should let me know. I even tell them specifically I am going to step away from this since its no longer a firefighting issue for me. I can put down the fire-hose as its just regular day-to-day business, you know, the stuff they get paid to handle.

Fast forward a month, and Donkey girl sends me (cc-ing Donkey team) an emergency email about the same customer. It sounds like she’s blaming me and my vendor Abraham for poor and slow service once again. She says customer is irate and has not heard anything yet. I asked if anyone from Donkey team put it through the warranty process like I said a month ago and I hear crickets. Really big crickets.

8 hours later, I get an email saying they put it through warranty process today. They complain once again that the warranty process is slow and thought that it might be faster if they send it to me. Hmmm.

Just now, I get another email from Donkey team saying the customer called again. I’d suggest Donkey Girl call them back and tell them she’s a dumbass and didn’t follow the process thinking a miracle would happen. Sorry, what exactly does Donkey Team want me to say? You win Dumbass Doozy of the Day! Yay! 🙂

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Posted by: Daisy | October 5, 2011


it used to flow so easily
i used to create without thinking
all the thoughts at my fingertips
only issue was which one to discover first

and much like stress impacts
high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease
i can feel how it slows and blocks
the rambling thoughts once so abundant

the big stress cloud
has changed its shape over the years
and it continues to try to thicken the walls
against my wishes

it tries this way and that
it’s owned me and fought me
i’ve brought a plunger and pen
and now i prepare for a fierce war

the pen feels unsteady
the plunger a little off balance
did i forget a shield?
am i ready?

take a deep breath
put the plunger down
take another deep breath
and blow the stress cloud away

– Daisy

Posted by: Daisy | September 6, 2011

Why blog publicly when you can keep a journal?

I’ve always said that I write for myself, and if there are others who enjoy it, then it’s simply a bonus. So, if it’s all about me, why do I bother even sharing any of it? Very interesting indeed. Let’s try using an example – I wrote a poem called unbroken and posted here in 2010. Here’s an excerpt from my own P.S. that shows how the poem was born.

“One person sent me something via email that inspired me to start writing it. Another conversation at a later date inspired more. Another communication from another person recently inspired the completion of it.

I cherish those wonderful communications that inspire and help me write whatever it is I write. A very special thank you, to you. You make me want to keep writing.”

In essence, I have been inspired through wonderful visitors here who have either commented, or emailed me thoughts or ideas that have then in turn allowed me to take yet another tangent and follow through that rabbit hole. If I kept it in a private journal, I’d never get the inspiration or the communication that allows me to continue. What allows me to write, is the interaction, adds, and builds that only others can bring. I blog, so you can inspire me to keep blogging more. Ultimately, I’m writing for me, but I need you to help me continue to do it.

I also blog because sometimes, I feel the need to tell myself things in a round about way. It’s like I’m saying stuff to someone else, but I need myself to hear/read those things in black and white to really process it. I can’t talk to myself in a mirror because I’d feel like an idiot, so instead, I’ll pretend like I’m saying it to someone else and maybe, just maybe it’ll sink into my sometimes thick skull. What’s amazing is that as I climb into my own brain and try to process information, I am well reminded that many of us are the same/similar and if it may be true for me, there’s a distinct possibility it could be true for others as well. It’s important for us all to know we are not alone and I’m not just talking about aliens.

Thanks for continuing to add your bits via comments and email – please keep it up.

– Daisy

Posted by: Daisy | August 31, 2011

What I learned from CPR

I recently got my cpr once again. There is always that section on choking where we talk about the dynamics of human behaviour. That is, when one is choking, there is a high possibility they may feel embarrassed and run to the loo to hide. Yet, running out of site is not a good idea for someone with a high chance for passing out and needing cpr. We need to stay with them/close by in case it gets worse and they need our help. Time is of the essence.

This idea/thought about being around/nearby when you know there’s a higher than average chance of trouble is what I’m struggling a bit with. There’s the good ol’ good samaritan stuff that protects me should I provide cpr and the overall story doesn’t end well – I won’t get sued unless I’ve been a dumb-ass and negligent. But what about when they aren’t quite choking? What if you see the signs and symtoms and you just know there’s a higher than average chance? What if you see words and emotions that are equivalent of the not recommended back smack for choking? Do you try to help? Do you stay out of the way?

I think when it comes to life and death you call the professionals in and there needs to be recognition by all parties of how serious the situation is. And if its that bad and I see a choking scenario about to happen, its my duty not to be embarrassed. So perhaps I’ll just walk in, get slapped, but know I did everything I could.

– Daisy

Posted by: Daisy | August 28, 2011

You’re messed up

You, the one in blue – you’re really messed up. You, the one in black – you’re messed up too. Hell, I’m messed up too. Perhaps messed up is the status quo, and we haven’t realized the joke’s on us. We are all in the same boat. We struggle to fit in, we wonder why others don’t get us, and we’re plain not happy conforming. Stop the madness everyone. Accept that you, with all your messed up qualities is exactly as it should be. There is wonder and beauty in being the unique beings that we each are. Just because some people don’t get us doesn’t mean no one on this earth will get us. Its very possible, some poor soul (or two or three thousand) out there in the big bad world just might understand parts of who we are and god forbid – LIKE US that way!

Think about it – there’s probably someone you could name who hates the fact that you… FILL-IN-THE-BLANK. Meanwhile, you must know someone else who loves that you… SAME-FILL-IN-THE-BLANK. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Does there need to be a right or a wrong? How about we forget that label altogether and simply accept that people are different. Then we can take it to the next level and choose which kinds of people we would like to spend time with… ummm, how about the ones who like that we… FILL-IN-THE-BLANK?

So, you in the blue – I like that you’re a little messed up – it suits you. And you in black – you’re pretty awesome too. Me? I love me too, narcissistic and all. Do me a favour and use your inside/outside voice to tell those who don’t get or accept you to frak off. Now doesn’t that feel good? 🙂

– Daisy, who’s sounding angry but really isn’t

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